Step by step to the great YES! Let your first steps start right at the Hotel Zeleni Vir ...

Please contact us with confidence because our expert team will do everything, and even more so that you and your guests will be happy! The tradition and experience for many years is a guarantee of quality, and the individuality and professionalism of the complete organization to the smallest details make the difference that will be discussed long after your big day ...

We will fulfill every wish you have, so that the celebration would be organized as you imagined it.
Our top chefs with years of experience and reputation will make our offer very versatile and flexible. If for the needs of your celebration space is required, music, lighting or any other type of additional organization, GREEN VIR is at your disposal. Younger enthusiasm and ambition, a well-played team, resulted in unique offer and quality.

Make a table arrangement as you wish
Seating arrangement is one of the most important factors for the atmosphere. At the tables, the optimal number of guests is located. The layout of tables (chart) is formed in agreement with you and the schedule of seating is arranged. Each item is specifically marked (usually numbers) and you inform the guests about the schedule.
Excellent food at an affordable price
The top quality and diversity of food on our menu will delight you and your guests, and affordable prices are just one more reason to choose just us. All foods that are not consumed will be packaged and given to you for taking. GREEN VIR Restaurant offers a wide range of cold and warm appetizers, grilled specialties, fish specialties and decorative fruit and sweet tables, just a part of a rich menu offer.
Luxuriously equipped restaurant
Wedding restaurants are air-conditioned and extremely acoustics so that every part of the restaurant is filled with a great atmosphere. The interior is elegant and comfortable, ready to meet all the wishes of its guests with its modern standards ..
Comfortable chairs, luxurious accessories
Special attention is given to the quality of the inventory used by the restaurant. Upon arrival at the restaurant, chairs and tables become the first center of attention. The chairs are comfortable, beautiful and luxurious, allowing guests to enjoy a seated sitting. The tables are comfortable, spacious enough to serve food and enjoy the joy with friends. The classic solemn escajg adorns every table. Elegant wine glasses give the table a special aesthetic note. Harmony is complemented by elegant napkins that make everything look glamorous and unforgettable ..